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While the water flowing through your pipes and into your sink may look clean and clear, the truth is that it is actually filled with lots of tiny mineral particles. These deposits, ranging from magnesium and calcium to other metals, form bits of scale that clog up your drains, water appliances, and fixtures. As the scale mixes with soap, it becomes a dull, greasy coating that makes your hair, skin, clothes, appliances, and entire walls almost impossible to clean.

Fortunately, there is a water treatment solution when you turn to our devoted contractors at West Coast Pumps & Filtration for support. With our Olympia water softeners, you never have to be bothered by the unpleasant effects of hard water again.

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The Benefits of a Dependable Softener System

As some of the most cutting-edge options available today, our FloWise softeners have many attributes that set them apart from the competition. These models are built to last for many years, despite their continual usage, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be reaping the benefits for a long time to come.

Take advantage of some of these excellent systems, which include features like:

  • Greater control over water with easy programming and display.
  • More than 40% efficiency of water in comparison to other softeners.
  • The ability to conserve salt and water through an integrated PC chip program.
  • Less maintenance on account of the whole-house design placed by our contractors.
  • Flexibility in sizes and power.
  • Dramatically decreased electricity costs, amounting to less than $2 annually.
  • All elements of the system are directly certified by the NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 44.

Questions about water softeners? Check out our helpful FAQ page!

Water Softening FAQ

Saving Costs with Our Affordable Water Softeners

Sometimes homeowners are eager to gain from the excellent benefits of a water softener installation but are unsure about the cost. The great news is that our FloWise softeners increase your savings as soon as we install your system for you. Our water softeners are extremely efficient, enabling you to control your hot water with 30% less energy, and making cleaning products twice as strong as before. Since soft water protects important appliances, from your dish washer to your coffee maker, you can save expenses from having to replace these valuable items too early in their lifespan.

Protecting Your Health

In addition to all these other benefits, it is important to remember that softened water is much kinder to your body, both inside and out. Your hair, skin, and nails are all affected by the minerals found in hard water, which can have unpleasant side effects. Simply taking a bath in hard water can even leave you feeling scummier than before, so get in touch with our dedicated team from West Coast Pumps & Filtration if you want pure clean water flowing through your faucets. We can offer powerful water softeners in Olympia to always keep your water comfortable and safe.

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