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It is becoming more and more common for homeowners to enjoy the feature of their own well pump on their property. This feature offers the benefits of having pure, clean water available at a much lower cost, as opposed to the traditional route of sharing the same supply from the municipal source, which is usually more expensive. The problem is that pumps can be quite complicated to install, repair, and maintain if you are trying to juggle all these tasks on your own. Do not get frustrated by the problems that arise in your pump, but simply reach out to our talented team members at West Coast Pumps & Filtration for all the advice and support you need.

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Signals That Your Well Pump Is in Trouble

It is important to figure out from the very beginning whether your well pump is experiencing issues. This way, you could inform our experienced team, and we can get started right away at fixing your well pump.

Some of the most significant warning signals that your well pump is compromised include:

  • There is no flow of water, or the flow is very limited.
  • You notice that the water pressure is extremely weak.
  • The pump is continually running.
  • You hear strange gurgling sounds deep in the pump.
  • Increase in your electric bill
  • Cloudy or water discoloration

Once we have located the source of the problem, we can immediately begin tackling it with the proper resolution, whether it requires a minor repair or a major replacement.

Reasons Why Your Well Pump May Be Failing

Once you schedule an appointment with our dedicated team, you can expect them to conduct a thorough investigation of your well pump system. In many cases, it is not just a single issue that is causing the problem, but one malfunctioning part that normally works in tandem with the other parts of the pump.

We always come equipped to handle your well pump challenges, including those dealing with:

  • Pumps that are no longer adequate to serve the size of your home.
  • Pumps that have been overworked and are insufficient to fulfill the needs of all the inhabitants.
  • Water deposits and sediments which have gradually accumulated, blocking the pump flow.
  • Evidence of corrosion within the tank.

Powerful Maintenance to Extend the Life of Your Well Pump

As much as scheduling regular trips to the dentist or checking on your automobile’s oil may feel like a nuisance, establishing check-ups from time to time is the only way of keeping anything valuable in tip-top condition. Your well pump certainly deserves tender loving care as well, so do not neglect its maintenance.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable professionals here at West Coast Pumps & Filtration to have complete peace of mind that your well pump will not break down at the worst possible moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my well pump needs repairs?

Look out for signs such as decreased water pressure, unusual noises coming from the pump, or frequent cycling of the pump.

How often should I schedule maintenance for my well pump?

It's recommended to have your well pump inspected and maintained at least once a year to ensure optimal performance and prevent costly repairs.

What should I do if my well pump stops working suddenly?

If your well pump suddenly stops working, first check for any tripped breakers or blown fuses in your electrical panel. If everything seems normal, contact Coastal Pump & Filtration for professional diagnosis and repair services in Olympia.

Is it possible to upgrade my well pump for better performance?

Yes, depending on the condition of your current well pump and your water needs, upgrading to a more efficient pump can improve performance and save energy. Contact Coastal Pump & Filtration for expert advice on upgrading your well pump system.

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