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Are you and your family tired of arguing about who gets to be first to take a shower in the morning? Everyone knows that feeling of dread as the normally flowing water narrows to an unsteady trickle when the pressure drops, leaving you covered in soap suds and no way to rinse.

Low water pressure is a nuisance, not only when you’re trying to take a shower, but simply trying to get through the rest of your day with other basic household tasks, from brushing your teeth to doing the dishes. The more water you try to use (and the more that other people in the household attempt to also use water simultaneously), the worse your water pressure seems to get.

The good news is there is a powerful way of keeping water pressure up – and your blood pressure down – when you reach out to West Coast Pumps & Filtration for quality booster pumps in Olympia.

Contact us now at (360) 382-1229 to schedule a dedicated consultation for resolving your water pressure problems in Washington. The team at West Coast Pumps & Filtration is here to help.

The Purpose of Having a Water Booster Pump

There are many issues that could be affecting your water pressure. Gravity is certainly one cause of this – the higher a home is elevated, particularly within a skyscraper or multi-leveled apartment building, the more gravity tries to press the water down again.

Yet there may be other reasons as well, including a great distance between the water source and where the water is deposited. Multiple systems and fixtures can decrease your pressure, as well as plumbing issues and drain clogs.

What Does a Booster Pump Do?

Whatever the situation is, the frustration of low water pressure can be resolved with a powerful booster pump. Similar to a normal fan, the booster pump had a special impeller with spinning blades. These blades elevate your water pressure to the right level so it will flow as normally.

How to Choose a Booster Pump for Your Home

If you have never selected a booster pump, or even if you have had one installed many years ago, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right booster pump system.

You may not even be sure if you need a booster pump at all, or whether an alternative unit might be more suited to your needs. Fortunately, our knowledgeable technicians can advise you every step of the way.

Throughout our consultation, we can discuss critical aspects to consider, such as:

  • The current rate of your water flow
  • The amount of water you and your household utilize on a daily basis
  • The level and location of your water source in proximity to where it must travel
  • Your preferred levels of water pressure for different tasks, from bathing to washing laundry

Take Advantage of Our Wide Range of Products

Here at West Coast Pumps & Filtration, we believe in offering our clients a vast range of choices. There is something for every budget, every building, and every household size, and you can always count on us to provide cutting-edge, trustworthy equipment.

Because we know that having such a variety of selection can sometimes make it harder to choose, our multi-generational company will offer our many years of expertise to support you in finding the right booster pump. We even provide military and senior discounts to our eligible customers.

Call us today at (360) 382-1229 or contact us online and we would be happy to provide answers to any questions regarding powerful Olympia booster pumps. Proudly serving Greys Harbor, Lewis, Mason, King, Pierce, and Thurston Counties

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