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The element of carbon is one of the most critical in our world. Not only is it one of the most essential building blocks to any organic material (including our own bodies), but it can be used for multiple purposes, from improving the taste of meals and drinks to getting rid of tiny, harmful contaminants. Even the people living in Ancient Egypt utilized carbon to remove toxic substances, and the developments in this area have only continued to increase.

Thousands of years later, you can now have powerful Olympia activated carbon filters installed right within your home. With this innovation in your house or business, you can trust the drinking water will not only be safe for anyone to consume but will taste fresh and clean. There is no need to hold your nose on account of unpleasant odors lurking about, so long as you have got in touch with West Coast Pumps & Filtration.

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How Carton Filters Work to Remove Contaminants

A carbon filter works by removing contaminants through adsorption. When the water passes through the carbon filter, the carbon soaks and absorbs the contaminants like a sponge leaving the pollutants to stay behind while the rest of the purified water passes.

Activated Carbon Filters for Expanded Trapping Capacity

You may have heard of “activated” carbon filters, which technically still work through a similar process as normal carbon filters – both acting magnets for unwanted organic contaminants. However, activated filters utilize heat or steam to make the filter’s pores open up even more. As the surface area expands, the filters can take in more particulates, which is why they are even more affective.

Just a few of the examples of contaminants our powerful filters can catch include:

  • Chemicals causing bad smells and tastes
  • Dangerous pesticides and herbicides
  • Traces of chlorine
  • Trihalomethanes (also known as THMs)
  • Mercury

The Importance of Regularly Changing Carbon Filters

While our filters are very powerful at getting rid of deposits of chlorine, cased-in odors, and other undesirable traces of chemicals, it is important to remember that these filters need to be changed every six to twelve months. When your filters are working so hard, day in and day out, they will eventually wear out. Trying to extend the use of your filter will then prove to be more problematic, since the water sitting in a dirty filter will be more exposed to these harmful particulates than even untreated water would be.

Let our professionals at West Coast Pumps & Filtration take care of replacing your activated carbon filters as quickly and as effectively as possible.

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